Kelly McGrevey said she purchased a tanning package at Aloha Tanning in Norton, Ohio after she visited the salon, but what came after the purchase has many talking today.

According to the story, the woman returned to salon the day after her purchase, but she was denied the opportunity to tan because she was allegedly told "she was too fat to tan." The worker at the salon advised her that the stand-up bed was broken and that she exceeded the maximum weight capacity (230-pounds) for the lay down beds.

To make matter worse, the manager of the tanning salon refused to giver her a refund on her purchase. Many of you called the show this morning to discuss this matter, and the consensus was that the saloon should provide a refund to this woman. Many of the callers also questioned why they sold her a tanning package in the first place.

When the woman was not given a $70 refund from the salon, that is when she elected to notify police and press charges on the manager of the salon.

We ask, what do you think about this situation? Who is in the wrong here, and what compromise, if any, could you come up with in this case? Please feel free to comment in the section below.