This is what a bike accident looks like at 140 MPH.I see this all the time on the  I-10; a gang of speedy motorcyclists on crotch rockets doing 140 mph on the basin bridge. All I can do is just pray that they don't hurt anyone or themselves zig-zaging in and out of traffic.

I know not all motorcyclists are like that. The reason why this aggravates me to the core is that I've lost family members and friends in bike accidents and I've seen speeding motorcyclists get into wrecks right in front of me, and it's not a pretty site.

Just like the wreck in the video, if this guy is doing 140 MPH, it's pretty obvious that he should be paying attention to the road at that high rate of speed and not his buddies!

Please be safe on the road! If you need a reminder, just watch this video and see how quickly things can happen!