Normally, the average person would never know the difference between a GOOD DJ and a WACK DJ. Let this list help you "stay woke."

As a DJ, I can tell you that we notice most of these things from a mile away—but to the average joe or jane who is just heading out for a night of getting trashed and dancing, it's easy for these WACK DJ attributes to fly under the radar.

Another thing that makes it easy for WACK DJs to exist, is that some of the only folks that could call them out are other DJs—and if a DJ criticizes another DJ, he or she will automatically be considered a "hater." (see WACK DJ Sign #10)

I have seen every funny DJ rant video there is, but I must say, THIS video takes the cake.

ODM totally hits the nail on the head with all 10 signs, so just press play and get educated.

Once you're done watching, you will hold the knowledge to be able to point out any lame DJ and all of their WACKNESS.

10 Signs Of A Wack DJ

To recap, the 10 Signs of a Wack DJ are as follows:

  1. Lying About Where You Play
  2. Undercutting Other DJs
  3. Getting Booked Only Because You Know Someone
  4. Using Other DJ's Mixes
  5. When You Compliment Your Own DJ Set
  6. You Always Claim To Have The New Records First
  7. The Over-The-Shoulder Music Jack
  8. Bragging About How (NOT) Packed Your Club Is
  9. Lying About Who You Have Opened Up For
  10. Hating On The Next DJ

If you're a DJ, don't be a WACK DJ! If you're not a DJ, don't tolerate WACK DJs!

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