In Oregon, thousands of people waited in long lines at credit unions Thursday to apply for $500 emergency relief checks.  At one of those locations, people in line got really lucky.

According to, Kathryn Davidson was at that location waiting with hundreds of others when a man driving a Jaquar pulled up. Davidson said he seemed irritated at first that people were blocking the ATM. Seeing his frustrations, those gathered there explained they were waiting for emergency funding. Davidson said after they explained why they were there the man said, “Really? You guys need help?” She said when she answered yes, he did something that restored her faith in humanity.

All of a sudden he breaks open a stack of $100 bills and he said distribute this down the line. He just said, ‘Here, take it’ and he didn’t ask for any thanks. He just drove off.  – Kathryn Davidson

Can you imagine? They must have been in shock. Apparently, the man didn’t stay to visit or give his name. The stranger just handed over what appeared to be over $10,000 according to Davidson.

What a good human.

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