As we rapidly approach the upcoming Halloween festivities, we are seeing more and more unique/bizarre decorations used to spook on-lookers, neighbors, and those who may be "Trick Or Treating." However, one property owner made a Halloween decoration in North Carolina which seems to have gone a bit too far. The prank involves what appears to be the bloody torso of a man trapped under a lawn mower.

While the setting is 100% right-on, the joke may have just stepped over the proverbial boundaries. The lawn on the property is half-cut, and the lawn mower appears to be resting over the bloody torso of a human being. While this is obviously just a Halloween prank, it appears to be so authentic, by-passers have picked up their phones and called 9-1-1 for help.

My problem with this whole stunt is that the property owner is making light of a serious situation. We have heard of this type accident happening way too often, and to make a prank of an unfortunate situation simply is NOT entertaining. Not to mention, whats to say that the same by-passer doesn't see this type of emergency again later on, and elects not to call for help, when the situation at hand may be a legitimate emergency situation? I compare this type humor to the same as flipping a car, and having legs protruding out from under- neath it. Its simply a tasteless form of decorating for Halloween.

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