The announcement of a new Starbucks coming to Veteran's Memorial Drive in Abbeville has the local community buzzing, but not everyone is celebrating. The new coffee shop will be located near the Wendy’s restaurant in the 2300 block, adding to the national franchises that are already the area.

A Community Divided

Social media platforms like Facebook have become battlegrounds as residents voice their opinions on the new Starbucks. “Excited,” “i can not wait,” and “I’m so excited,” are among the exuberant comments from Starbucks fans in Vermilion Parish. One commenter humorously noted, “All the complaints I’m seein there better not be a line when we tryna get our Starbies.”

abbeville starbucks

On the other hand, skeptics fear that the incoming Starbucks could jeopardize local coffee shops, particularly The Classic Cup. Comments range from, “But they’re putting it right by a coffee shop that’s already a big spot in Abbeville,” to claims that Starbucks are "traitors" and calls for different types of businesses like Chick-fil-A or breakfast places.

The Classic Cup Concerns

The Classic Cup, with locations in Abbeville and Maurice, has been serving high-end coffee since 2011. Owner Cherie LeBlanc transformed the business from a snowball stand into a premium coffee brew bar and eatery, complete with its own line of coffee.

The Classic Cup, Facebook
The Classic Cup, Facebook

The Classic Cup offers a variety of specialty drinks and house-made foods, becoming an integral part of the local community.

The Classic Cup, Facebook
The Classic Cup, Facebook

With its deep roots, many residents are concerned about how a large franchise like Starbucks could impact the local favorite.

A Familiar Story

This situation is not unique to Abbeville. Just last year, locals in Crowley had similar concerns when a Starbucks opened near The Vanilla Bean, another local coffee shop.

A year later, The Vanilla Bean continues to thrive, drawing customers with its Main Street location, "better prices, and better coffee," according to locals that we spoke to in the area.

Local Franchises, National Brands

It’s worth noting that often these "big box" stores are operated by locals. In the Abbeville area, several McDonald’s locations and other national brands have been successfully managed by local families for years.

A Growing Abbeville

Regardless of opinions on Starbucks, Abbeville is clearly a town on the rise. Recently recognized by Louisiana Economic Development for its business growth and downtown revitalization, the city is also welcoming an Amazon "Last Mile" distribution hub.

As the city continues to develop, Abbeville seems committed to balancing growth and community values. It remains to be seen how the introduction of Starbucks will play into this narrative, but what is certain is that this small town is garnering big attention.

There is currently no confirmed opening date for the Starbucks in Abbeville. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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