As if the insane amount of sharks weren't scary enough, alligators are now making themselves at home near Gulf Coast beaches as well.

Numerous photos appeared of an alligator swimming near the west end of Panama City Beach, FL. Of course, we know alligators are no stranger to the waters of southern states like Louisiana and Florida—this is the first time we've seen one getting so comfortable this close to the beach.

What makes it crazy is that alligators can only stand salt water for a short period of time because they don't have salt glands, but this gator seen in photos posted on the WJHG website show a gator that witnesses say was at least 6-8 feet long swimming near the beach.

Earlier this week, a video showing a large amount of sharks swimming toward Grand Isle was enough to worry about as many of us plan to make our way to the beach in the coming months. But if we keep seeing photos like this we may have to just find our closest friend with a deep pool and have a staycation.

Remember when jellyfish were the scariest things in the water? Be safe out there!

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