Alvin Kamara is back at it again with the crazy workouts as the 2021 NFL regular season approaches.

The New Orleans Saints running back has gone viral for his unorthodox workouts but somehow Kamara manages to level up his training to wow us all.

This time around, Kamara is still training with Dr. Sharif Tabbah, but he's got a new toy. This balance board looks like a skateboard with no wheels balancing on what looks like a cylinder underneath it.

Whatever it is, I know I would instantly fall off of it, but somehow Kamara maintains his balance while performing a slew of insane workouts.

Dr. Tabbah stresses that it's all about core training and overall coordination.

🎬1️⃣Combining frontal plane instability with transverse plane Med ball toss for a multi-planar core stabilization challenge.
🎬2️⃣ Saggital plane squats with overhead Med ball toss combined with frontal plane instability, once again teaching the body to create multi-planar stability with constantly changing center of mass.
Athleticism is largely comprised of the body’s ability to remain in control and accomplish a desired task despite the external environment. And remember, Core is King 👑!!

The workouts simulate the techniques necessary to give Kamara those unique moves that we're so used to seeing him pull off on the football field.

Here's Kamara working on balance while executing solid stiff arms.

Here's Alvin focusing on hand-eye coordination while maintaining ridiculous balance.

Can't wait to see how Kamara's workouts translate to the gridiron as the Saints are ready to embark on the post-Brees era.

In case you needed a reminder of how these workouts help out Kamara's game, here's a video to get you hyped for the upcoming season.

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