As any Bachelor Nation member knows, the "fantasy suite" episodes are a crucial part of enjoying The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, right alongside seeing who gets the First Impression Rose and judging four strangers' families during the "hometown visits." In a season's penultimate episode, contestants who are offered and accept the iconic card and key combo — "should you choose to forgo your individual rooms," of course — are allowed to be alone with their prospective partner for the first time. But do fantasy suite guests actually have sex on the Bachelor franchise? We basically already know the answer is "yes," but former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky recently revealed what also happened when she didn't want to get intimate with a finalist.

Fedotowsky, who married her daughter's father Kevin Manno in March 2017, answered Hollywood Today Live's questions in an episode airing March 14 (she chose Roberto Martinez in The Bachelorette Season 6, but the engagement didn't last).

"You spoke out about what happens in the Fantasy Suite," Ali Landry, who guest hosted alongside Eric Benet, said to Fedotowsky. "Honestly, all this time I thought people cuddled. But you said that they actually have sex!"

"It goes DOWN!" Benet said, as Ali nodded in emphatic agreement.

"Do you think that if you're having sex in the fantasy suite, you have an advantage?" Landry asked.

"If you’re not having sex you’re probably not getting chosen, unless you're waiting for religious reasons or personal reasons," Fedotowsky said.

"So if you don’t go probably won’t get chosen?" asked Benet.

"I guess that’s the wrong way to say it," Fedotowsky laughed, continuing, "If you don't want to, that's your choice. But if the bachelor is choosing not to sleep with you..."

Fedotowsky drew from her own experience on the show: "For example, on my season, I know I wanted to be with one guy, so I didn’t even want to spend the night with the other guy. So I asked one of the producers to call and make up an excuse for me to be able to leave the room."

"So if that’s happening to you — if the Bachelor’s leaving the room — you’re probably not getting chosen," Ali continued. "That’s what I meant. But if you choose not to sleep with them, well, I would hope not."

It's funny to imagine the wild scenarios the producers would concoct to extract the Bachelor/Bachelorette from the fantasy suite ("You've got a business call that CANNOT wait!" or maybe, "your iguana needs emergency surgery!"), but hey, they're the professionals.

Plenty of people have gotten busy in the fantasy suite: Nick Viall admitted on TV that he'd slept with Andi Dorfman in the fantasy suite, while Dorfman called that evening a "ladyboner-killing, awkward sexual encounter" in her tell-all It's Not Okay. But other franchise alums, such as former Bachelor Jake Pavelka, maintain that they never slept with anyone in the fantasy suites.

Watch Ali's interview, in which she maintains that people can find love on the Bachelor franchise just like they can find love anywhere at any time, below.

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