The board of alderman in Maurice has voted to close bars in the village of Maurice one hour earlier. 

Bars in Maurice are known for staying open until 3am, thus a lot of people migrate to those bars after closing time in other cities. Now, the council says it's just too dangerous to stay open an extra hour and bars will soon have to make last call at 2am, rather than at 3am.

The Chief of Police in Maurice, Warren Roast, says that his main concern is public safety, and by allowing bars to stay open past 2am puts a lot of people in danger that are on the roads.

According to KATC-TV 3 the cheif says, "If your business depends on one extra hour a night for two nights or If your business depends on those two hours, there's something wrong with the business."

There was some opposition to this proposal, but still the board elected to go through with it and bars in Maurice will begin locking their doors at 2am starting in March.

Looks like house parties may soon be back on the rise for a lot of people in Lafayette after 2am.