Bourbon Street is a haven for bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and just about any other reason to party beyond coherence. Amongst the numerous strip clubs and places to grab fruity cocktails and BIG ASS BEERS - is Pat O'Briens, home of the best hurricanes you will ever drink - and a pretty talented (and funny) piano man named Ben McGehee.

McGehee is a Lafayette native, but resides in New Orleans, spending his nights behind the piano keys entertaining people from all over the world. In addition to entertaining these people, he also gets to entertain their requests. As you can probably imagine - combining a pen, a bar napkin, and someone who is three sheets to the wind at 3:30 in the morning doesn't always yield the most pleasant results, (or requests for that matter) but after seeing the hilarious reactions from his friends on Facebook every time he would post these "request napkins," McGehee decided that he would share his experiences with the world via his Tumblr account.

The blog is called NAPKINSFROMWORK and the description from McGehee is a simple one.

I play piano and sing at a famous piano bar in New Orleans. These bar napkins tell the story of my time working there. Luckily, I starting saving the good ones. Drunk people never cease to amaze me.

Though most of the napkins consist of horrible requests, ridiculous misspellings and barely legible handwriting...



...not all of them are terrible.



Some are quite forward....

... but most are just bad.

So the next time you are stumbling about Bourbon St., make sure you stop by Pat O's to visit Ben. But be careful what you request, because you might just end up becoming "internet famous" for all the wrong reasons.