I thought I had it bad when it came to annoying club patrons, but DJ Robb G has officially taken the crown. In a video from 2007 that just recently re-surfaced via YouTube (and spread like wildfire thanks to Reddit) DJ Robb G is seen putting a party girl in her place. 

DJ Robb G Puts Party Girl In Her Place [NSFW Language]

Believe me when I say this video has DJs all over the world getting out of their seats and giving Robb G a standing ovation for the way that he handled this situation. While his body language may seem a bit harsh, his explanation justifies his reaction - not to mention, I know this guy, and he is one of THE nicest guys I have ever met.

This girl came up to me and harassed me 3 times while I was playing. She was upset that I wasn't paying enough attention to her and her friend dancing on stage. Rubbing herself on me and yelling in my ear. The first time I was very polite. The second time I was firm and told her I'd be rude if there was a 3rd time. What you see in this video is the 3rd time and final time. I was in the tail-end of a layered 3 minute mix with both volumes at 10 and she came over, pulled on my headphone cord while yelling at me.

[Robb G via YouTube]

In similar situations, I have personally been called uptight for not letting someone "scratch" my records in the middle of me mixing for a packed club. I have been called "mean" for not playing someone's request "next." I've been called words that aren't appropriate to type on this website for asking ridiculously inebriated people not to hold their drinks over my equipment (which holds about the same value as a decent used car).

Imagine, if you will, someone coming into your workplace, walking directly into your work area, tugging on your clothes, typing on your computer, stapling your stapler or pushing buttons simply because they are curious as to what will happen if they do so.

You wouldn't like that would you? Of course you wouldn't, no one would, lol.

Whatever you do, next time you're in the club, don't be "that guy/girl." Just kick back, dance, have a drink and enjoy life.

Do you think the party girl got what she deserved?

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