Social media has completely changed the way that relationships begin, but they also continue to change the way they end, too.

A Lafayette woman by the name of Brooke Layfield thought she met a great guy. She even introduced her new beau to friends around town. Eventually, the guy she thought was great would turn out to be "deceitful" once Brooke found out he was married and also texting other women.

None of this is uncommon. People are selfish, crappy, and unfaithful in relationships every day. Usually, we lick our wounds and move on. For some of us, that process is a lot longer and more complicated than others and the fact that it's common doesn't make it any less hurtful.

But in the age of social media, we've seen people doing something that they couldn't do before platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok existed.

Similar to how we can leave Facebook, Amazon, or Yelp! reviews on certain products, businesses, or services, more and more people are "warning" their followers about serial cheaters or people who have done them wrong.

That's exactly what Brooke did when she realized she was played by the guy she was seeing.

Almost instantly, Brooke's followers were ready to ride to find "Madison."

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As far-fetched as that sounds, we've seen how quickly the collective internet can find someone on a first name alone. Remember "Stephen in Louisiana" from the bachelor trip in Nashville?

Some of Brooke's friends remembered her guy from when she brought him around on previous dates. Based on their time with the couple, some of them were floored to find out he was actually married.

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Speaking of which, Layfield's post really took off once a woman claiming to be the man's estranged wife showed up in the chat—adding even more heat to the tea.

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As more and more people began to share the post, the quest to find Maddie was only intensifying. The "digital girl code" that I mentioned in this headline was in full effect, once again.

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I spoke with Brooke who told me that numerous other women reached out to her privately to share their experiences with the guy at the center of the drama, along with screenshots as receipts.

The women began comparing similar methods and lines used to play them all.

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Of course, there have been mixed reactions to this type of exposure with some people feeling like it's a positive thing for folks to look out for one another, while others feel like someone has to deal with the fallout both privately and publicly.

While that doesn't seem to be the case in this particular story, quite often there is a spouse who is oblivious to the cheating ways of their partner until it pops up in their news feed with thousands of reactions from strangers all over the world.

But, for the most part, women (and men) are overwhelmingly in favor of outing the worst of the worst cheaters—usually those of the serial variety or the ones who were super turds about the whole situation.

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Obviously, there is a risk that comes with exposing folks—regardless of the fact that it's their wrongdoing that leads to the exposure—but Brooke tells me that she's not worried about it.

She's chalking it up to a learning experience and hopes that her post will help someone else avoid the same fallout. She tells me that she's gotten an overwhelming amount of supportive messages from strangers which has made her situation a little better.

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What are your thoughts on this trend of exposing cheaters or relationship wrongdoers on social media? It continues to be a hot topic and I'm curious to hear your feedback as we see more and more of this every day online.

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