Meet Cloody. He's kind of a big deal on the internet, after a video showing him taking a "shower" (like a boss) went viral on the internet. He's so laid back, as if he just got off from a long day at work and is finally getting the chance to relax in a warm bath.

Of course, as is often found with many things posted on the internet, a few critics disapprove of Cloody's bath, claiming it is "abuse" to put a rabbit on its back. Upon research, there are a few sites out there that describe the dangers of putting a rabbit on its back. You can read them here if you wanna learn more.

In the description, Cloody's owners assure all the naysayers that their bunny rabbit is 100% safe and is never put in harm's way, regardless of the critical comments posted on the video.

While bathing, Cloody was so relaxed that he actually fell asleep. It's so beautiful and funny!

As for all the negative comments, I hold him in a baby position in my arms as well and it relaxes him to sit that way so he falls asleep. He also enjoys a body massage, except for his feet. After his baths he goes outside to dry off as usual. Rabbits rarely bathe because they can use their tongues to clean themselves, but since he can't reach his back he likes the water. It is absolutely harmless! So don't be so negative about this people...

And he's not a hare he's a RABBIT for god's sake !!!

So there you have it. Cloody is safe, and will forever be known for taking the most comfortable shower ever.

That's all, folks.

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