What would you name the worlds largest rabbit Giant Flemish

A post shared by King Of The Jungle (@therealtarzann) on pm PST

To quote a line in a pretty popular song out today, "Wait a minute."

Check out this HUGE rabbit. Someone on Instagram with the username "therealtarzann" introduced the world to this giant rabbit.

Apparently, some thought it was fake, thus he went on to video the animal to prove that it is not. And he's got more exotic animals on display via his Instagram.

Now, could the angle of the rabbit in this video make it look bigger than it is, perhaps? Still, this is a BIG rabbit. Just the type you'd hope to see dropping off Easter eggs when you're a kid.

Perhaps we need to book this furry friend for our next Louisiana Outdoor Expo. I'm just glad that I'm not the one feeding it carrots on a daily basis.

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