Karen Huff Klein, a bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, N.Y., is receiving an outpouring of support after a ten-minute video of her enduring vicious bullying act. Watch as KIDS ridicule the elderly woman as she monitors them on their ride home from school.In this disturbing video, which contains EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, the elderly woman is victim of name calling and more. You can here these KIDS calling her an "ugly fat ass" and telling the widow, "you don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they don't want to be near you."



After just ONE minute into this video I wanted to jump through my computer monitor and side with this lady. If these KIDS are the future of our country we are all in trouble!! Again, some of you may find the language in this video to be offensive.



Since the video was posted on YouTube, police and school officials held a press conference to discuss the matter. Here is what they had to say in regards to these kids' behavior.


Plus, we have now come across a video from the victim herself. Hear what Mrs. Klein has to say in regards to these bullies. Hear exactly how she felt the moment these kids started to slash out towards her. We are happy to report that since this incident, Mrs.Klein has received more than $60,000 from donors in hopes that she can take the vacation she’s always dreamed of. The bus monitor has been working with the school system for 23-years.