This is part of the BULLY Project, and Jake's story is a powerful one, as he stands in front of his bullies to tell them how he feels! 

The BULLY Project was inspired by the documentary film BULLY! Jake is just one of the powerful narratives of the film. They want to bring awareness to schools all around the country about bullying.

This story is about Jake, he was bullied as a child because he had autism. He was fed up with the way the bullies in the school were treating him. So, he decided to do something! He stood up in gym class one day and told them how he felt and all he wanted to do was be their friend.

He is one brave soul! This takes a lot of guts to do something like this, and Jake's actions have changed his life at school. The speech put a spark under his bullies, in a good way.

It's a very powerful video, and if you or someone you know is a victim of bullying, it's worth a watch. More kids should take up for themselves and put an end to bullying!

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