This is so sad.

Someone was filming a moose in a field, that was near a highway, when the moose ran from the field and into the roadway.

The person filming the animal saw that the moose was going to be on the road as oncoming traffic approached, and they honked their horn in an attempt to stop the moose.

Sadly, the person in the car approaching the animal never saw it and hit it.


The moose is seen flying in the air as the car, which is demolished, comes to a screeching halt.

There's no indication here if the driver of the car that hit the animal was injured in this bizarre accident.

I share this video here to remind you to keep an eye out for wildlife while driving through south Louisiana. If you travel I-10 at night between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, you will see a number of large deer just feet from the interstate.

I know of folks who have hit deer and a number of people have totaled their vehicle. Just recently, I saw that someone hit a huge black bear in Louisiana and their car was demolished.

I will warn you, that some may find the video here to be DISTURBING. 


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