Charlene Shunick, the sister of missing 22-year-old Mickey Shunick, took some time out of her schedule to sit down with us and talk about the arrest of Brandon Scott Lavergne. Lavernge is the man being held by Lafayette Police in the disappearance of UL student Mickey Shunick.

Just days prior to our interview, Lavergne's family offered up their prayers and thoughts to the Shunick family. Brandon Lavergne's mother and brother both wrote on Facebook that they were "sorry for all that the Shunick's were going through", and they too would like to "see Mickey brought home." Their comments were deleted off of the social media site, but not before that bit of information was picked up by local media outlets.

Hear what Charlene had to say in regards to Lavergne's family speaking out, and hear what words she had to offer towards their family. In addition to discussing this, we also addressed rumors or efforts being made by some in Lafayette to congregate at the courthouse on July 18th as Brandon Lavergne goes before a grand jury. The Shunick's have requested that no such form of protest or congregation happen on Wednesday. They DO NOT want Lafayette represented by such a crowd as this case begins to unfold. To date, the whereabouts of Mickey Shunick remains a mystery.


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