For some reason, we here at HOT 107.9 got on the subject of "Color The Weather." As a kid, did you ever "Color The Weather" for KLFY-TV 10?

Remember when you'd go into your local McDonald's location as a kid and pick up a color the weather sheet? Usually they were placed on the counter where you'd place your order.

There'd be a huge empty space on the sheet for you to "Color The Weather" and then you'd submit it to KLFY-TV.

This promo for Color The Weather bit is for a station in Texas, but TV-10 followed the same premise. You'd get the sheet, color it, and send it to the television station.

For me, I'd often get my color the weather sheet from the McDonald's location in Eunice, and then physically mail to KLFY-TV 10. I remember coloring the weather, mailing it off in a huge folder, and then watching the news/weather to see if my photo made it to air.

I don't think my color the weather photo ever made it to air, but I did wait many nights for Dick Faurot, who was the meteorologist at the time for KLFY, to announce my name. If your photo resembled the weather for that day, you were chosen.

This is one of my fondest memories from my childhood. May I suggest that McDonald's and television stations bring this bit back to TV? Color The Weather may be gone, for now, but it will never be forgotten by kids in the 80s.

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