Video of a fight at Disneyland has left many on social media with unanswered questions.

I must admit, when I saw the fight going viral in my news feed, my first thought was that Disney ANYTHING was the last place you want to see anything like this because of all the kids that are around.

After watching the video, it was worse than I thought it would be, but there are definitely more questions than answers, and this guy on YouTube took all of the irrelevant factors out of the equation and brought up some pretty solid points.

The main point? Where was security? Of all places, you would think that this situation would be at least addressed within a minute, but chaos seemed to carry on forever before the situation was diffused.

Disney has addressed the incident, saying they do not "condone" this type of behavior and confirmed that none of the subjects involved were cooperative but were escorted away from the park. A criminal investigation is ongoing.

See the video for yourself and tell us what you think about the situation. How would you have handled it if you were a bystander?

Here's the original video. Warning: NSFW for strong language and disturbing images.

UPDATE: A "possible relationship flowchart" has made its way around the internet. This may help unpack some of this insanity.


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