There is literally nothing that can hold Brees back.

After getting the terrible news that he suffered multiple broken ribs and a collapsed lung, the Saints future Hall of Fame quarterback was present at practice on Thursday with a nice rhythm in his step.

The video was shared by WDSU's Fletcher Mackel and showed Drew looking on while his Saints teammates stretched at practice. Again, let me remind you that Brees has FIVE broken ribs and a collapsed lung and still found a reason to "show up."

It's simply what he does. Someone commented:

I have no idea how Drew is gonna retire, he’s addicted to the game, you always see it in his eyes. I’ve never seen anyone who is so passionate about their job.

Just seeing this visual gives me hope that he'll be back sooner than we think and I honestly don't think this will be his final year.

Also, I say that every year, so we'll see.

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