From Bottles to Beats. They used to use rattles and now they use beat machines. Its the first ever Baby DJ school put on by Brooklyn's Cool Pony. It's the next generation's Pee Pee Diddy, Kanye Mess, Lil Brain and NuNu Minaj. They are teaching toddlers how to make beats. Cool concept, but will parents by it?

Apparently they will buy it. The building used to be a thrift shop owned by Macklemore. He only paid 99 cents for it... just kidding, but seriously it was a thrift store. It's now owned by Cool Pony in the Crown Heights neighborhood of the New York City. They offer a class for toddlers. Just when you thought you heard it all.

Huffington Post

According to Huffington Post , The class isn’t intended to transform kids into the next Tiesto or Avicii. It will, however, school them on how to develop their fine-motor skills using beat-mixing equipment. I hope they have a drool cover over the beat machines. That drool can get pretty bad.

It's an eight-week course put on by DJ Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, which began on Sept. 18. Weiss has a class of six toddlers, all under the age of 3 . She will teach them how to mix and match sample tracks in just 45 minutes. Well ok then. I wish we could find a video of the class. As soon as one becomes available we will update this post.

Huffington Post

If you live in the New York area it will cost you $200 per family for a 45 minute class. I feel bad for DJ's now a days. This makes your craft so easy a baby can do it. LOL! RIM SHOT ba da ching!

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