At the ripe age of 65, a Great-Grandma, Joan Lloyd, has elected to get a boob job after being unhappy with the appearance of her breast for years. The 65-year-old, who enhanced her assets from a size A to F, says the op has given her a whole new lease of life.

The Great-Grandmother is a former athletic model that is still very active in the gym, and is now dating men from the ages 25 to 50. After standing by her ailing husband for 15 years, he passed and granny decided to start her life over. And it all started with the enhancements.

Loyd says, "Now I feel so much more confident about myself. I feel my boob job has actually given me a new lease of life." In addition to that, the 65-year-old says that the older generation should not have to feel like they are limited in relationships, and "don't have to sit back and live like an old spinster any more."

Whether you agree or disagree with her decision on enhancements, I think we could agree that at least she is happy now. She stood by her man for a very long time as he battled several illnesses, and now that she has a chance to live her own life, I am not disappointed in any of her decisions. Live life, and have fun!!!

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