Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day! People all over will be celebrating. It's a Friday & some may overdo it. Here are a few tips to avoid painful morning after regret.

#1 Don't drink on an empty stomach. Burgers, or other sandwiches are a great idea because the carbs & fat affect the way your body metabolizes alcohol.

#2 You may be tempted to have some Irish whiskey. It's a better idea to stick with clear liquor like vodka.

#3 Drink water between alcoholic drinks. Most hangover symptoms result directly from dehydration. Sports drinks are a great idea. They replace lost electrolytes.

#4 Take vitamins. This should be self- explanatory.

#5 Drink "good" booze. There is a difference! cheap stuff contains more impurities than the "good stuff."

Here are more tips on avoiding a hangover, and what NOT to do if you get one from Cosmopolitan.

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