The Scott Fire Department was called out to a fire in the 600 block of Rue Novembre because improperly discarded fireworks caused a house fire.

Fire Chief Chad Sonnier says when firefighters got to the scene they saw smoke coming from the roof of the home.

Thankfully, they were able to quickly bring the fire under control after entering the home.

After they continued to investigate what happened, they determined that improperly discarded fireworks sparked the blaze.

Everyone in the house was able to get out safely, but the home did have major fire and smoke damage.

If you are going to use fireworks, Chief Sonnier recommends the following protocol when dealing with used fireworks:

  • Remember to treat used fireworks like ashes from a fireplace; be very careful with their disposal
  • Used fireworks should be placed in a metal container when you're done with them
  • Once you have put used fireworks in an appropriate container, you should make sure everything is doused with water
  • It's a good idea to use the lid to the metal container
  • Always make sure you place the container of used fireworks away from your home

No firefighters were injured while battling the blaze. Chief Sonnier says they were assisted in fighting the fire with Carencro Fire Department and the Duson Fire Department responding to the scene.

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