Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier says they were called out to battle a blaze at a home on D Arceneaux Road last night that ended in tragedy.

While the details of what caused this fire are still under investigation, Chief Sonnier says that the body of a 62-year-old was found inside of this home last night.

Scott Fire Department Truck
(Photo Courtesy of KATC)

They were called out at around 11:40 last night to begin battling the fire, and they were able to quickly bring things under control.

According to Chief Sonnier, the fire was generally contained in one room, and that is the room where they believe the fire started. While they are investigating to figure out what caused the conflagration, he says they do think this fire was accidental.

He adds they were assisted by members of both the Lafayette and Duson fire departments. No firefighters were injured.

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