A line of strong to severe thunderstorms rolled through Acadiana and South Louisiana about lunchtime Monday afternoon. While most of the area was deluged by heavy downpours and gusty winds as the storms moved through. There was significant lighting activity reported as well. One of those lightning bolts is believed to be the catalyst for a structure fire at a home in Scott.

The Scott Fire Department was summoned to an address on Renaud Drive about 1:30 yesterday. Witnesses told firefighters that lightning had struck the top of the building and smoke was now visible from the roof. Firefighters climbed on top of the structure where they confirmed the lightning strike.

Since no one was home at the time fire crews forced their way into the home to assess the damage and other dangers. A quick inspection found many of the home's electrical outlets had burn marks or had been damaged by the sudden jolt of electricity. Power to the structure was disconnected to prevent any further electrical damage to the dwelling.

Fire crews did place a tarp over the damaged roof to mitigate water damage. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported and the roof was the only structural damage reported. However, most of the home's electrical system did sustain major damage.


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