According to a press release from Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier, two minors are considered "persons of interest" in a fire that was believed to be intentionally set today in a filed off Renaud Drive.

Around 11:30 Sunday morning a fire was reported in a field in the 900 block of Renaud Drive. They are still asking people to stay away from this area.

Chief Sonnier says when his firefighters got to the scene they found that 200 bales of hay were on fire. To add insult to injury, Sunday was a very windy day. Several fire departments within Lafayette Parish came to help out with the situation.

After two hours of working to put out the blaze, Sonnier says the decision was made to just plow around the bales so they could be left to burn out.

Two young people are considered to be "persons of interest" in setting this whole situation into motion.

Officials say they are still monitoring the entire situation.




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