Pumpkin spice latte season has arrived! But everyone's favorite fall flavor isn't just for coffee. Check out some of 2016's most anticipated #PSL products.

There's just something about that pumpkin spice flavor that makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves and go apple picking. It's the taste of fall.

I mean, is it even really fall if you don't drink a #PSL?

The pumpkin spice latte craze has become such a fall staple that other companies are jumping on board the fall flavor train. There's been everything from pumpkin spice M&Ms to PSL english muffins. The possibilities are endless!

So, what new ways will pumpkin spice be infused into your favorite foods this year?

Ok, I'm not going to lie, this sounds disgusting. I kind of despise Peeps even when they aren't flavored, and I highly doubt adding that loving #PSL touch will make them taste any better.

But if Peeps are your thing, go for it!


Combining two super foods is a genius move. Who doesn't love Oreos? And obviously we know everyone loves pumpkin spice lattes, so this combo is a match made in PSL heaven.


Do you think your milk will have that pumpkin spice taste to it after? I'd probably take that PSL milk and toss it in my coffee. Who needs pumpkin spice creamer if you have leftover pumpkin spice infused milk!


Spice up your life! Or at least your breakfast with a toasted pumpkin spice bagel covered in PSL cream cheese. I'm pretty sure this is a pumpkin spice fans dream of in breakfast form. Imagine adding a pumpkin spice latte with this combo. Is there such thing as too much #PSL?


Your yogurt is getting a fall makeover! Dive into a pumpkin spice Chobani for the ultimate taste of PSL, plus it's low fat!

Whether you're getting your PSL fix with Peeps or sipping on everyone's favorite fall Starbucks drink, it's time to get your pumpkin spice on.

As the legendary Spice Girls would say, "Every boy and every girl, (pumpkin) spice up your life. People of the world, (pumpkin) spice up your life"!

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