Jackson Mahomes, younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has once again garnished some negative attention on social media.

Twitter via @jacksonmahomes
Twitter via @jacksonmahomes


This time, the younger Mahomes apparently tried to get a Kansas City bar "canceled" after a negative experience. The establishment initially posted an "apology" calling out Mahomes and his ego, but they have since deleted that post and have further reflected on the incident while many on social media are telling them not to back down.

In case you need some back story, the internet is seemingly not too fond of Jackson Mahomes. His most recent attention-getter came when he did a TikTok dance on the sideline of a Chiefs vs. Washington Football Team game. That dance just so happened to occur on a memorial for the late-great Sean Taylor.

This incident is one of many that has gotten the internet riled up against Jackson Mahomes. His cringe TikTok videos and ability to take attention away from his extremely successful brother has seemed to leave a bad taste in the mouth of many on social media.

Apparently, Mahomes had a bad taste in his own mouth after visiting a Kansas City area bar. What we know is that Jackson Mahomes visited the bar and was not able to be seated as he so desired. Whatever transpired during that visit led to Mahomes making a post on social media in which many claim he was trying to "cancel" the establishment.

After Mahomes made that post, the bar itself came back with quite the response which they have since deleted. That post called out Jackson Mahomes directly and went after his ego. Now, the bar has followed-up with another post where they attempt to clear the air.

See the Facebook post from the Kansas City cocktail bar below.

The establishment seemingly had a chance to sleep on what they originally posted and did not feel good about the way they represented themselves in the matter. But, there was a flurry of comments pouring in telling the bar that they handled the matter perfectly and should not be going back on their original post.


The word on social media is that following a visit to the Kansas City establishment, Jackson Mahomes attempted to "cancel" the bar. I am not sure exactly what Mahomes efforts looked like, but apparently it was enough to entice the bar to make quite the social media post. Below is what some on social media are theorizing Mahomes may have said.

A response to the curious Twitter user from someone who seems to be in the know.

The since-deleted post may have been in regards to the staff being rude, according to one Twitter user, but the establishment took notice and was not going to let Mahomes try to take them down. The bar went to social media themselves and, honestly, they absolutely went-in on Jackson Mahomes and his ego. The internet flocked to the post to support the bar, but before long the Kansas City establishment had deleted the post in which they went after Mahomes.

Of course, you're probably curious as to what the establishment posted regarding Jackson Mahomes visiting their business in the first place.

See the viral Twitter post from @49ersBBQLover containing a screenshot of what is apparently the original social media post made by the Kansas City establishment.

Another post from @94tilinfinite showing screenshots from the bar's Instagram page.

The bar apparently tagged Jackson Mahomes on Instagram directly and gave some sort of apology. The apology was truly a veiled shot at Mahomes and his ego, as it called the NFL-star adjacent entitled and even said, "we survived a global pandemic, we'll survive your ego" according to the screenshots.

Now, some suggestions on why the establishment may have taken their "apology" to Mahomes down when so many supported them in the post.

Others believed that the bar was continuing to "own" Mahomes by going about things the right way.

No matter the reason the bar took down their "apology", many on Twitter wondered what Jackson's older brother Patrick Mahomes thinks about him constantly finding the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

True, Patrick Mahomes' monster contract and job as an NFL quarterback probably keeps him pretty distracted from whatever his brother has going on off of the field. But, some of these social media moments are getting so much attention and it all goes back to Jackson Mahomes.

I think the sword can cut both ways in this type of situation. Jackson Mahomes definitely has a big social media following and can bring a lot of negative attention to a business if he gives it a bad public review. On the other hand, the place of business going back at Mahomes can be tricky if there was in fact some sort of misunderstanding or sub-par service involved in his visit.

Either way, the internet has already decided how they feel about Jackson Mahomes and people love to support local businesses. I think the establishment was right in their initial post, as the younger Mahomes has put off time and time again that he is special all because his brother is Patrick Mahomes.

Frankly, the kid rubs me the wrong way and I'm not sure how many more times he has to draw negative attention on social media before his big brother has to smack him in the head. No matter what, the kid is set for life and probably isn't too concerned as he will take any extra buzz around his name that he can get.

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