There is merely one week until ‘Believe’ lands. We know, Beliebers, we know. It’s an eternity and cruel and unusual punishment to have to wait one second more for Justin Bieber‘s new album to drop. We’re right there with you, bursting with anticipation. Luckily for the Belieber nation, the new song ‘As Long As You Love’ me featuring Big Sean has dropped. The good news? It sounds nothing like ‘Boyfriend’ or ‘Die In Your Arms’ or ‘All Around the World.’ It’s unique and different unto itself. The bad news? There is no bad news, unless you are a Belieber who had to wait for the song to drop on iTunes.

iTunes finally got the song up, only after a nation of 22 million Beliebers threatened bodily harm on the family members of iTunes employees. We’d have hopped to it if we had Beliebers pissed at us, too! They may be too young to have weapons at their disposal, but they’re a creative bunch and would no doubt have come up with something.

Now about the song. It is an exercise in Bieberized dubstep and it’s another sizzling, clubby romp, with lots of vocal processing and a more adult lyrical theme. The Biebs declares his love, cooing, “We could be starving / We could be homeless / We could be broke / As long as you love me / I’ll be your platinum / I’ll be your silver / I’ll be your gold.” Those are some big words there, which may cause some to wonder about the precious metals he mentions. Could that be a reference to buying Selena Gomez a ring? Fire, meet fuel.

Da Biebs also sings, “You could be my Destiny’s Child” in a cute and unexpected pop culture reference.

The song moves at a sexy, slithery pace, and the studio effected vocals are punctuated by Bieber’s newly honed falsetto. There’s chunky beats, processed hand claps and that signature Bieber swag, swag, swag. ‘As Long As You Love Me’ makes it clear that Michael Jackson has emerged as the Biebs’ numero uno influence.

Big Sean drops a nasally rap exalting a lady love, too. It adds an organic touch to all of those vocal overdubs.

It’s darkly romantic and we like the stop-start ending where all the sounds collide.


Listen to Justin Bieber ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Feat. Big Sean

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