Kreayshawn is back with a new video for her new single, ‘Go Hard (La.La.La).’ Rocking a brunette hairstyle with light-brown highlights, the Oakland Calif. rapper goes hard with her White Girl Mob members V-Nasty and Lil Debbie in the comic book-styled clip.

The video was conceived by design collective Syndrome and features Kreay rapping her song amid floating cartoon cupcakes, dancing animals and a room painted with bloodshot eyeballs. For a brief second, we get to see Kreayshawn turn into an anime character, as well. The clip ends with the White Girl Mob partying with animal mascots.

While the video is inventive and fun, the song makes it hard for us to take Kreayshawn seriously with her music. Her lyrical skills have not improved since her viral hit video ‘Gucci Gucci.’

The pint-sized rapper told MTV’s RapFix that she made the ‘Go Hard’ video as way to get people to openly express themselves. “With this track, I wanted to inspire people to just do their own thing,” she says. “My favorite part about the video is that I always notice something different every single time I watch it. It’s like going on a visual adventure.”

Kreayshawn’s new album ‘Something About Kreay’ will arrive in stores on Aug. 14.

Watch the Kreayshawn ‘Go Hard (La.La.La)’ Video

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