A viral video that was posted to Facebook earlier this week had viewers convinced that a Lafayette police unit was stolen.

Chico Bling shared a status update on his Facebook page suggesting that a Lafayette Police Department cruiser had been "stolen" due to the fact that the driver was "jamming NBA Youngboy."

The post garnered a mixture of reactions as people dug into the comments to see the video that Chico was alluding to.

It was definitely a Lafayette cop car; and based on the music that could be heard in the video, rapper NBA Youngboy could be heard blaring from the police cruiser. But was it really stolen? Did someone's kid really make off with a whole Lafayette police SUV?

I reached out to Sgt. Robin Green with the Lafayette Police department and she confirmed that "no police units were missing" from their fleet—which brings me to my next question:

Which Lafayette Police officer was bumping NBA Youngboy like that? LOL

Let this be a reminder that Lafayette Police officers are allowed to bump their favorite music at work just like the rest of us. As someone who has gotten personal thanks from our local law enforcement for the Friday Morning Breakfast Jam, I can confirm that our local police are more than capable of jamming on the J-O-B.

Big shoutout to Chico Bling for the laugh and big thanks to Lafayette PD for keeping us safe while banging their favorite beats.

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