A brand new automatic car wash is coming later this year to the intersection of Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Ridge Road in Lafayette. Oh, and it'll be 115 feet long.

According to The Advocate, Giles Automotive owner Bob Giles will be opening Mr. Bubbles Auto Spa, which he says will be "Lafayette's longest automatic car wash."

The car wash will be located next to Sam's Club and take up two properties. It will feature a 246-foot wash area next to the 115-foot tunnel.

Because of the car wash's length and extra equipment, Mr. Bubbles Auto Spa will offer more choices for waxes, washes, sealants, tire dressing, soap types and more. There will also be 20 spaces for customers to vacuum their vehicles.

The land is currently being cleared and construction will begin soon. The car wash should be finished and operational by the end of the year.

"I think this is going to be the finest, high-end automatic tunnel car wash and auto spa in Acadiana," Giles tells The Advocate. "We're going to have three pay stations, one for monthly subscribers, and we're spending a lot of money on a lot of specialized equipment for the tunnel, which will be the longest tunnel in the area."


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