Lil Wayne is kicking off the new year with new episodes of his ‘Sports Corner’ series, which show off the rapper’s love for the NFL, skateboarding and more.

Fans of Weezy know what an avid sports fan he is, and though he missed the first weekend of 2012, he’s back with eight (yes eight) new videos for audiences to devour. The clips aren’t only of the entrepreneur’s commentary — one features an interview with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith. Score!

Never one to miss out on a promotional opportunity, Tunechi’s wardrobe consists of a tee from his own Trukfit clothing line. How do we know? Because he says so, very explicitly, and offers a link to his site, which is prominently displayed on the screen. Oh, and each video features friendly reminders about Young Money’s current and forthcoming releases.

Whether you’re into college football, college basketball, or even the video game MLB 7, you can check out all eight of Weezy’s videos below.

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ Intro – 1 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ NBA – 2 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ College Basketball – 3 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ NFL – 4 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ College Football – 5 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ Skateboarding – 6 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ MLB 7 – 7 of 8

Lil Wayne ‘Sports Corner’ Wrap-Up – 8 of 8