Following Lil Wayne's severe seizure scare on Friday night (March 15), there was a slew of conflicting reports about the 'A Milli' rapper's condition. Thankfully, Weezy apparently was never near death. However, it appears that he is on the road to recovery -- and that the road may have 12 or more steps.

TMZ was so off base. Wayne is fine,” a source explained to Us Weekly. “He drank too much sizzurp to get a better high. He needs rehab but he’s not close to death or anything. He’s fine and just coming down off the high.”

Sizzurp is a dangerous cocktail of soda, codeine cough syrup (which is prescription only) and occasionally hard candies and booze. The syrup gives a cheap, sleepy, dreamlike high to users, but it's pretty addictive and, as Wayne discovered the hard way, can lead to an overdose just like anything else.

Weezy is no stranger to sizzurp, even rapping about it in 2008 on his track ‘Me and My Drank.’

Wayne may be "good," but it sounds like he won't be fully recovered until he can give up the double-cupping habit.

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