Is Justin Bieber taking notes from Dev and Far East Movement and "sippin' sizzurp?"

TMZ reports that Bieber was photographed again not just with pot for a second time, but this time also with a large bottle of codeine -- commonly known as "sizzurp" or "purple drink" (also "drank") when mixed with Sprite.

The pics show Bieber and his pal Lil Twist, who's been called a negative influence on the once squeaky clean star, as well as Lil Za, who was cited for driving Biebs' Ferrari without a license this week. The trio are pictured rolling blunts together, and the codeine is pictured in the background.

On the table where the three are rolling their blunts, there are "double cups" present. For those unfamiliar, double cupping is a common way to drink the codeine mixture, which makes a single cup "sweat."

In one of the photos, Bieber is drinking from a double cup, but it's unclear what's actually in it because the Styrofoam cups are opaque. For what it's worth, a source close to the Canadian phenom insists he doesn't use the drug. What's more, Bieber's confidantes swear he's a good kid, but worry that his "Lil" friends are leading him down the wrong path.

One thing's for sure: Biebs needs new friends ... or to confiscate everyone's phones before he parties with them (instead of just claiming ownership of their pics)!

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