OMG Beliebers! We have the best news in, like, ever for you. Snippets of the songs on Justin Bieber‘s ‘Believe,’ which drops on June 19, have been posted online. You get to hear about 30 seconds of each song — there are 13 in all — and it’ll get your blood pumping for the full swaggy album to finally drop.

We’ve listened to each track and offer a short commentary on what we heard. The album sounds like it’ll be very Michael Jackson-like, comprised of synthy pop jams, lots of falsetto, acoustic ballads and the requisite swag, swag, swag.

Our commentary is below.

‘As Long As You Love Me’: Mid-tempo, featuring the lyric, “As long as you love me / I’ll be your platinum, silver, gold,” with some falsetto.

‘Catching Feelings’: Very Usher-like

‘Take You’: Slow and low, R&B jam, with lots of auto-tuning and accelerating pace.

‘Right Here’ (feat. Drake): That’s what we call a hot harmony. Biebs gets rhythmic

‘Fall’: Acoustic and romantic.

‘Thought of You’: Another mid-tempo song where Biebs asks, “Why do we fight the fever?” in his higher register voice. Bieber Fever has no cure, so fighting it is futile. Duh. It reminds us of David Guetta‘s ‘Without You.’

‘Beauty and a Beat’ (feat. Nicki Minaj): Another dance jam; we don’t get a Nicki sample here.

‘One Love’: Echo’y vocals and mid-tempo

‘Be Alright’: Another acoustic guitar-accompanied, sweet and adult-like song.

‘Believe’: Sounds like an epic power ballad with an empowerment theme .

‘Out of Town Girl’: Laptop pop, with a chunky synth. Very sexy and urban, and Justin Timberlakian.

‘She Don’t Like the Lights’: There’s paparazzi flashbulbs going off in this slow, synthy jam. Is this about Selena Gomez?

‘Maria’: Lots of hip-hop beats and about a girl who won’t leave him alone. We’re wondering if this is about Mariah Yeater, the girl who claimed he fathered her son. It’s the Biebs’ version of ‘Billie Jean.’