The last few years have been rough on everyone. Especially when we look at the way the pandemic has taken a toll on our society we can really see the way things have changed. Some changes that came out of the pandemic have turned out to be good for everyone.

One change that has happened is that many in-person jobs have now gone remote. Now I don't have the option of doing my job in a remote setting so I really have no say on this topic. However, I have a lot of friends around the United States whose jobs are now remote and it has afforded them the opportunity to move locations, travel more, and even create their own schedules.


When I did some research I found that Louisiana was one of the top 10 states that people left in 2021.

The number one reason for leaving Louisiana was because of a job, 58.57% of people said that they were leaving Louisiana because of their jobs. The second reason came in at 26.43% with the reason for leaving being because of family.

The number one age range that left the state in 2021 were people aged 35 to 44, with 29.06%.

The top outbound states for 2021 were:
New Jersey
New York

When it comes to people moving into states during 2021, Louisiana didn't even make the list.

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The top inbound states of 2021 were:
South Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia
Rhode Island

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