Let the rumors begin.

Both the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys are done playing football in 2022 and it's time to bring up the idea of Sean Payton moving on from the Saints.

While Payton has one more year on his current contract with the New Orleans Saints, some are saying that Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys could make a push to bring Payton back to Dallas.

Yes, if you did not know, Sean Payton was once an assistant in Dallas and has remained close to the Jones family.

But could Jerry Jones convinces Coach Payton to return and lead the Cowboys, well one former Cowboy hopes so.

Michael Irvin said in a recent interview with WGNO that if Sean Payton took the offer from Jerry Jones, to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he'd personally escort current head coach Mike McCarthy out of Dallas.

New Orleans Saints v Dallas Cowboys
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For the last couple of years we've heard Sean Payton's name surface in Dallas, but will this be the year Payton decides to "go home" or is this just another round of name dropping?

Many in the Dallas media are pleading for Jerry Jones to make a visit to New Orleans and convince Sean Payton to take over the Cowboys, but that remains to be seen.

For the record, Sean Payton has said on many occasions that he's happy in New Orleans, but coaches always are on the move so let's all sit back wait and see.

Let the games begin!


As you may expect, fans across the board are talking about Sean Payton returning to Dallas and here are just a few of the Tweets I ran across.

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