If you thought the Michael Thomas drama couldn't go any deeper, you were wrong.

This morning, the Saints star wide receiver sent out a tweet that seemed to hit back at recent reports that he dropped the ball on his offseason surgery. As the Saints prepared for training camp, the news broke that Michael Thomas would miss at least 5-6 weeks of the 2021 regular season due to a surgery he had in June.

While we want all our players to be healthy, the issue here was that Thomas should have had that surgery long before June to ensure he would be ready for the start of the 2021 season.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis and head coach Sean Payton didn't mince words when they commented on the situation, saying it should have been handled sooner.

We would've liked (the surgery) to have happened earlier. Quite honestly, it should have.

There were also rumors that Michael Thomas missed calls from team doctors, all but ignoring their advice.

In what was perhaps the most scathing response to the Michael Thomas situation, a Times-Picayune report from Jeff Duncan pointed out how "unanswered calls" contributed to the delay of his surgery, going into detail about the "rift" between Thomas and the Saints organization.

Thomas hasn't appeared at training camp yet, and he hasn't given an interview since the end of the 2020 season. But early this morning (for the first time since June 8) he tweeted from his official account, responding to recent reports about his situation with the New Orleans Saints.

Thomas' message said: "They tried to damage your reputation. You saved theirs by not telling your side of the story." The message isn't an original one. Actually, the exact meme that Thomas used was used by many others on social media if you do a quick Google image search. Here's the same message from Steve Harvey posted to his Facebook account.

So, does Thomas mean that the story that we're hearing isn't true? Does he genuinely feel like his name is being dragged?

The report from Duncan went into explicit detail about the Saints unhappiness with Michael Thomas, who made the call to try out rehab over surgery for his ailing ankle. The Saints WR allegedly "ignored repeated attempts at communication from the Saints" when they were checking in on the progress of his rehabilitation, making sure he was hitting appropriate benchmarks.

Whether or not Thomas has a legitimate "side" to his story, this definitely doesn't spell good news for Saints fans as it seems like the latest disconnect between Thomas and the Saints organization.

In my personal opinion, if Thomas does have a "side," now would be the time to provide it. In lieu of cryptic tweets, he should be showing his face at training camp. Tweeting support for his team would sit way better with fans than early morning subtweets.

Sound off and tell us what you think the future with Michael Thomas should look like in New Orleans.

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