Bees and wasps sting. Snakes slither and bite, and some are even poisonous. The same goes for spiders. So, it's pretty clear why they are common on the "fear list." But, I've always been intrigued at how terrified some people get when it comes to household pests like roaches and mice. Granted, they are both gross -- roaches fly and mice carry disease etc. etc. -- I get all that, but when it comes to how big we are compared to how big they are, we definitely have the clear advantage.

Well, today I saw a photo on Twitter that changed my whole perception of Humans vs. Household Pests.



A giant monster rat, supposedly discovered at a Foot Locker in the Bronx. You might recognize this guy, as he bears a striking resemblance to the 3-foot-long beast that was stabbed with a pitchfork in Brooklyn last year. That one was believed to be a Gambian pouched rat, and may have been someone's escaped pet. However, it wasn't the first one spotted in that area, and locals believed they were multiplying faster than Gremlins taking a bath.

[via Gothamist]



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