A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after he slid under a truck that was stopped on a roadway.

The accident was all caught on a camera which was attached to the man driving the motorcycle.

You can see the motorcycle approaching the white truck as it is stopped on the road and I assume that the motorcyclist thought that the truck would move, but it doesn't.

Sadly, the next thing that happens is the motorcyclist sliding under the truck. He reportedly dropped his bike and slid to avoid smashing into the vehicle stopped.

As you can see below, he appears to have some serious road rash burns, but amazingly gets up from the road.

Twitter via Fred Schultz
Twitter via Fred Schultz

After gathering himself, the man riding the motorcycle approaches the woman who was driving the white truck and asks why she just stopped on the road.

Unfortunately, we don't get to hear her answer for stopping in the road, but we do witness this man walking away from what was a serious accident.

Some who have watched the video from above have noted how lucky this man is to have had walked away from this accident.

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