The land that was once home to La Promenade Mall on Johnston Street in Lafayette will finally have something in its place. The site will be home to a new car wash called Cajun Clean Express Wash.

According to documents filed with the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court, Phil Stoma Jr. bought the 1.5-acre site last week for $950,000.

The old La Promenade Mall was torn down years ago, but the slab remained.

Stoma's family owns Sofas & Chairs furniture store and other commercial properties and had an interest in the property for some time.

“It’s been sitting vacant for 30-35 years,” Stoma told The Acadiana Advocate. “It’s just an eyesore, in my opinion. Every time I drive down Johnston Street I look at it and think, ‘What can go there?’”

Construction for the new car wash will begin in the next few weeks after the concrete is removed.

The car wash will feature a 140-foot tunnel and use recyclable water and all-natural soaps, according to Stoma. It will also include 20 vacuum stations equipped with floor mat cleaners and air compressors.

There is no shortage of car washes though in the Hub City. This is the third one to be built in the next few months. There's one going up on the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Ridge Road along with one on West Pinhook.

“The site is set up perfect for a car wash,” Stoma said. “Just like anything with retail stores, you’re looking for rooftops, traffic and access. There’s a lot of car washes on that (western) side of town, coming into what I would call mid-city. Then there’s not a whole lot there in terms of a car wash like this. This kind of played into our hands.”


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