Would you really apply for a job that you knew would be over in a  year's time? In real life, I guess you'd have to consider that but this isn't real life. This is the world of the Lafayette Parish School Board. Yesterday the board revealed the nine applicants that have applied to become the interim Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools.

The reason for the need for an interim superintendent has to do with politics. With elections coming up this fall choosing a permanent replacement for the retiring Dr. Donald Aguillard now wouldn't give the newly elected board a say in the superintendent they will be working with for several years.

Thus an interim superintendent will be chosen to serve a one year term.

The nine candidates that have submitted an application for the interim superintendent's job include five from Lousiana, two from Alabama, and two from Texas. Common sense would suggest that whoever is chosen as the interim superintendent might have a leg up on taking over the job permanently. Think of it as an on the job audition.

Here are the applicants:

  • Brian Thomas Binggeli, of Lucas, Texas
  • Larry E. Dichiara, of Auburn, Alabama
  • Dee Oscar Fowler, of Madison, Alabama
  • Isaac Carrier, of Spring, Texas
  • Irma Trosclair, of Eunice,
  • Jerome Puyau, of Erath
  • Bart Thibodeaux, of Church Point,
  • Camacia Smith-Ross, of Baton Rouge
  • C. Michael Robinson Jr., of Thibodaux

We should expect to learn more about each candidate in the coming days and weeks as the Lafayette Parish School Board vets each applicant and their qualifications. The interim superintendent will need to be chosen by May 17th which has been announced as Dr. Aguillard's announced last day on the job.

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