While many of us prep for the upcoming Christmas season, there is a new barbie on the market that comes with stickers to resemble acne, tattoos, stretch marks, and more. 

The "Normal Barbie" contradicts everything we know about the traditional barbie because this doll highlights many of the imperfections that come with being a teen. The doll comes with stickers, which can be placed on the barbie doll, to reflect acne, stretch marks, bruises, cellulite, and more.

This new doll has been designed to show young ladies that imperfections are not only normal, but also beautiful. The doll encourages young teens to accept who they are and to not fear their imperfections.

What do you think about this new doll---good idea or bad idea? Would you purchase this type doll for your young girl or is it too much? Let us know in the comment section. Personally, I applaud the designer Nickolay Lamm for stepping out the comfort zone and acknowledging the imperfections of being a teen.