We have all heard the stories about how an on-line hook-up goes wrong. Well, the guy in this video only strengthens the argument that on-line dating can get a bit scary at times. Ladies, see if the guy in this video is your type man...And if he is, please try to contain yourself!!!

In this video this single guy, who is looking for a date, gives you a run down on his situation. We learn that he is single, has his own pad, and may even have comedic type skills. Oh, one more thing, we also learn that this guy is a tad bit freaky. Could you imagine having this guy knock on your door asking you out? Or more so, this guy knocking on your door to pick up your daughter for a night out on the town? Turn-up the speakers and get really close you your screen or monitor to get the full effect of this on-line dating video.

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