This didn't happen overnight.

The Erath and Community News Facebook page posted several photos of the football stadium in Erath prior to the school's graduation ceremony and you can see that someone put a lot of work into making this happen.

According to the Facebook page, the man behind all of this is Jason Hebert. He painted the field with colored blocks to encourage "social distancing" during the ceremony.

These blocks were painted on the field for parents and family to sit in while watching the Class of 2020 in Erath receive their diplomas.

Many schools had to scratch graduation ceremonies this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, while others got creative so that the Seniors could be recognized for their achievements.

When I saw these photos I immediately thought of the graduating class in Erath and the photos reminded that when you care, you can make things happen.

The hard work done by Jason Hebert has not gone unnoticed and I am sure that those who were able to graduate this year before their loved ones are forever grateful to Mr. Hebert.

Nice work, Erath!!

For more photos visit The Erath and Community News Facebook page.


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