On Saturday, Lafayette welcomed its first-ever food truck park, Parc De Oaks, located on the enchanting oak-shaded grounds at 3302 Moss St.

Husband and wife duo, Christopher and Andrea Amos, fulfilled their vision of investing in Lafayette's northside by creating this vibrant culinary hub that promises a unique dining experience for locals and visitors alike.

The concept behind Parc De Oaks sets it apart from the traditional food truck experience. Gone are the days of tracking down scattered food trucks in parking lots or chasing after them at late-night events. Parc De Oaks offers a centralized location where a variety of food options converge, allowing patrons to sample diverse cuisines all in one place. But it's more than just food—Parc De Oaks also boasts yard games, ample shade from the historic oak trees, seating, music, and planned events to create an exciting community space.

For Christopher and Andrea Amos, the inspiration for Parc De Oaks came from their travels to places such as Austin, and other cities throughout Texas and Colorado, where they witnessed the overwhelming support for outdoor food court-style dining concepts. They wanted to bring that same sense of community and culinary adventure to Lafayette.

The choice of the Moss Street location was no accident. Christopher Amos, the third-generation owner of Amos Landscaping, had a deep connection to the property even before acquiring it. He had been maintaining the lawn for two years and was captivated by the charm of the oak trees. Oak trees held special significance for the couple, from childhood memories to their first date. The name "Parc De Oaks" beautifully captures their reverence for these majestic trees and their love for intertwining French and English influences—something Christopher's grandfather was known for.

Speaking of his grandfather, seamlessly blending the languages in his broken creole french speech wasn't the only influence when it came to Parc De Oaks, according to an interview the Amoses did with The Acadiana Advocate.

The oak trees mean so much to us... Our original [Amos Landscaping] logo was an oak tree because [my grandfather] planted an oak tree in his backyard as an acorn, and it grew to be almost as big as one of these. When we first met, we went on a date to New Orleans in City Park and fell in love with oak trees then. We love them so much that for our wedding ceremony, we incorporated a small oak tree to both water together.

After over three years in the making, the Amoses were finally able to see their vision come to life.

Screengrab via John Weatherall
Screengrab via John Weatherall

Excitement buzzed through the air as the park opened its doors to the public. It was a full day of food and celebrations, with face painting by Aveda students, music, and yard games to entertain the enthusiastic crowd.

Screengrab via John Weatherall
Screengrab via John Weatherall

Patrons expressed their gratitude to the Amos couple for bringing Parc De Oaks to Lafayette's northside, an area often overlooked for such concepts. Traditionally, similar ventures gravitate towards the more bustling Southside, drawn by factors like higher traffic, a greater concentration of businesses, and nearby neighborhoods with higher median incomes. However, Parc De Oaks answered the calls of residents and commuters in the northside region, who have long yearned for more dining options and attractions.

Parking, a notorious challenge in Lafayette, was efficiently managed from the very beginning by the Amoses. Their careful planning ensured smooth traffic flow and ample parking options for visitors. Local videographer John Weatherall documented the sights and sounds of the park's opening weekend, capturing the essence of Parc De Oaks with Christopher's concluding words, "Northside, I got you."

Melissa Dodgen, a member of the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook group, shared her experience of the grand opening at Parc De Oaks. She indulged in the Seafood Swamp Rolls from Fiestout and a delightful Dreamsicle sno-cone from Monster Munchies. Dodgen praised the organization of the operation and appreciated the presence of staff members guiding parking arrangements. She found ample seating at the park's twelve picnic tables and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere created by fellow patrons. Dodgen enthusiastically recommended a visit to Parc De Oaks, confident that visitors would not be disappointed.

Lafayette Foodies, Facebook
Lafayette Foodies, Facebook

Looking ahead, the Amoses have ambitious plans for the ongoing development of Parc De Oaks. They envision incorporating a beer and wine garden-style bar, complete with permanent bathrooms, to complement the rotating food offerings. Christopher Amos, driven by his passion for improving access to fresh and healthy food, intends to host farmers' markets and cultivate produce in raised beds on the property.

For now, Parc De Oaks will welcome a rotating lineup of food trucks during lunch and dinner hours, spanning from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 8 p.m. The park can currently accommodate up to eight food trucks simultaneously, with the weekly lineup of vendors shared on the park's Facebook and Instagram pages. The Amoses are actively seeking a diverse range of full-time trucks to establish a strong foundation of vendors, complemented by part-time sellers each week.

As a native of Lafayette's northside, Christopher Amos sees Parc De Oaks as an opportunity to bring new possibilities to the area while fostering a sense of community for families to gather. He appreciates the support and gratitude received from locals who recognize the value of investing in their side of town.

"Thank you for doing something on this side of town. Thank you for thinking about us," expressed Christopher Amos, reflecting the sentiments echoed by many who eagerly anticipate the growth and success of Parc De Oaks, Lafayette's first food truck park.

As a couple going into business together, Christopher and Andrea Amos draw strength from each other and their complementary skills. Andrea handles the direct coordination with food trucks, while Christopher manages the behind-the-scenes operations and maintenance of the grounds. Their shared vision, along with the support of their family, has been instrumental in bringing Parc De Oaks to life.

For those looking to stay updated on the trucks, menu items, hours, and special events, Parc De Oaks maintains an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, providing a glimpse into the vibrant food truck lineup and enticing offerings.

Parc De Oaks has only been open for a little over 24 hours, but it's clear that this is more than just a food truck park—and it's only the beginning.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Christopher and Andrea to learn about the food park, and even more about the people behind Parc de Oaks.

A lot of folks are probably wondering “How does this work?” Explain how this concept will be different than what people in Lafayette have known food trucks to be (I.e. parking lot, outside of a club, a food truck roundup at a park, etc.?

This is a place where you can have a variety of options in one place and not only that we have yard games, ample shade from the historic oaks, seating, music, events, etc.

Will there be consistent hours? Weekdays? Weekends?

The days and hours are based on which trucks/trailers I am able to book for the day. I am leaving it open for them to book Monday -Sunday. Schedules will always be posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you remember the first city, food truck, meal, etc. that sparked your love for food trucks and this concept?

We went to Austin texas in 2014. We did a food tour and stopped at a few different food truck parks. It was a great concept.

Was it shocking that this concept wasn’t already here in Lafayette? How long have you been sitting on this idea?

Food trucks didn’t become popular in Lafayette again until Covid hit and that’s when we started this idea because food trucks were scattered in different parking lots around the city.

Is this just as much a labor of love as it is a business opportunity for you?

As a business owner of Amos Landscaping and Lawn Service, I know how hard entrepreneurship is and by doing this we are helping other entrepreneurs with their dream.

Why did you choose the Moss Street location for your concept?

I maintained the lawn for two years before purchasing it. My barber Jason Walker owned the land at the time and mentioned to me he wanted to sell it so the opportunity just fell into my lap.

Could you see yourself expanding to other parts of Lafayette?

We would love to expand this concept throughout Acadiana in the future.

I’ve been watching the progress on my way home every day. What are some challenges that weren’t really apparent until you were in the thick of getting things done? Any big hurdles or surprises?

The biggest hurdle was the cost to construct the park. It’s a much bigger financial investment than most people realize. Also coordinating with our engineers and architects to make sure that the layout was efficient and up to code.

As a couple going into business, where do you guys draw from each other in terms of support when it comes to the team effort? What are your individual strengths? How do you both complement one another?

We have a good balance. Andrea deals directly with food trucks. Booking and coordinating events. Chris handles behind scenes and maintains grounds. Also, our family has been a big support throughout this process as well.

What is your process for choosing food trucks, and vendors, and how often will there be new concepts? Will there be staples in the park that fans and customers can always count on?

Vendors will fill out a vendor application on our website and I will schedule accordingly upon their schedule request but at the same time make sure I have a diverse lineup. We also want to include non-food trailers as part of the lineup when we can.

Is any other programming planned for the space?

We will plan to do fall events and some programming centered around certain holidays.

Parking seems to be Lafayette’s kryptonite so how do you guys plan to manage parking/traffic — especially with the initial rush?

We have security to keep the flow going in and out and we have a designated parking as well as an overflow parking area.

When you’re not eating at the Parc, where are 3 other places in Lafayette that you love to visit for food or drinks?

We love Poseidon's, Latin Cuisine 504, and Thai With Love.

What has been your proudest moment throughout this entire process?

Not giving up.

Where is a good place for folks to tap in before arrival to get a good idea of what trucks will be there, menu items, hours, special events, etc.?

Facebook and Instagram @parcdeoaks

The Amoses' dedication and passion for creating a unique community space and supporting local entrepreneurs have struck a chord with Lafayette residents. Parc De Oaks promises to be a culinary haven where food, culture, and community converge, and it's sure to become a beloved destination for visitors, food enthusiasts, and families alike.

Melissa Grimes Dodgen, Facebook
Melissa Grimes Dodgen, Facebook

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